Which bank to choose

We advise you to consult the websites of the various banks to choose the one you like best. To help you, the French government has launched a free online compare tool for the main bank fees of 150 banks, including bank transfers, direct debits or credit/debit cards:

Many banks offer worthwhile solutions for students under 25. It is better to choose a bank that has a branch near you, which will make life easier.

Some French banks:
  • CIC
  • Crédit Agricole
  • LCL
  • La banque postale
  • Crédit mutuel

Documents to supply:

To open an account you will need:

  • an ID card or passport
    the photocopy of your student card
    your residence permit (except for European students)
    proof of residence in France (electricity bill, rent slip, certificate of accommodation, etc.)

How it works

When you open an account you will get a credit/debit card and a chequebook. You can use the card to withdraw money from automatic cash dispensers and to pay for your purchases. Chequebooks are less frequently used now. You can use a cheque to pay your rent and your electricity bills for example. A financial advisor can give you information about the various services the bank offers and answer all your questions. 
If your card or chequebook is lost or stolen, you must cancel it immediately by dialling the number given to you by your bank.