Most phone operators offer good value contracts. Ask for information before committing yourself.

A contract binds you for one or two years. Some operators offer unbinding contracts, but there are fewer advantages. Do not take out a 12 or 24 month contract if you are in France for less than that.  If you cancel your agreement before the end date, you will have to pay heavy costs. 

Prepaid cards:

They cost between €5 and €50 and include a limited number of text messages and call minutes that you can use as and when you like. When your credit has run out you just buy a new card. There is no binding contract. 

Buying a mobile phone or keeping your own

If you want to keep your own phone in France, you will have to unlock it. This will enable your phone to work with any operator. You can do it on your usual operator’s website or go to a special shop. It costs about €25.
If you need a new phone, you can go to the phone operator shops, or to a store like the FNAC or Darty, or to a second-hand website like “Le Bon Coin” to save money by buying a second-hand smartphone. 

To call another country from France:

Dial 00, then the country code and then the number of the person you are calling. Over to you!