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Santé et assurance
Pack en France Global
Comprehensive health insurance (including the Social Security element)
Hospital costs
Non Hospital costs
Public liability
Home insurance 1 room (as an option : €5/month)
from €47 /month

Comprehensive health insurance (including the Social Security element).
Public liability and Individual Accident.
Home insurance (as an option : €5/month)

Contents of the guarantees *

HEALTH + INSURANCE + HOUSEHOLD (as an option) - from €47/month

Hospitalisation expenses
  • 90% to 100% cover
Non-hospitalisation health expenses
  • Medical consultations, pharmaceutical costs, radiology, analyses (up to a maximum of €750/quarter) : 100%
Public Liability Insurance
  • Bodily injury cover : €305,000
  • Material damage cover (€80 excess) : €500,000
Home insurance (as an option : €5/month)
  • Fire, water damage : €4,000 max
  • Theft and vandalism : €600 max for the insured party’s furniture and €400 max for IT equipment and valuables
  • Glass breakage : €2,000 max
  • €100 excess per claim. Exception for glass breakage: €50; and natural disasters : legally required excess.
How do I sign up ?
  • Online (excluding Pack en France Global with home insurance)
  • By telephone on +33 4 72 76 70 08 from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (non-surcharged call): multilingual responses
  • At the agency

*The amounts reimbursed are based on the Social Security Scale and vary according to each type of care.
Offer reserved for people under 30 years old.