Grants from your country

You can receive funds from your country of origin, especially if the course you are attending in France is not available in your country. A number of countries also offer scholarships or “social” grants. Find out from your Education Ministry and/or your university of origin. If you receive a grant, let your embassy know as soon as you arrive in France, as it will be looking after your payments. 

French government grants

These grants are arranged and financed by the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Most of these grants are awarded under partnership agreements between the French embassies and foreign governments. To find out if you are eligible and submit an application, contact the Cultural Services Department of the embassy or the French Consulate General in your country of origin.
Embassies can offer different types of grants depending on what you intend to do:

  • a study grant, if you are enrolled in a French university or graduate school to obtain a diploma
    an internship grant, awarded for an average period of three to twelve months
    high level scientific research grant (for research programmes, or cultural or scientific exchanges, etc.) awarded for one to three months.



Housing benefit 

See our accommodation page for comprehensive information about housing benefit.