Moving is the best moment to review your energy contracts and try to save money by reducing your bills. If you want to quickly save money after moving, you can change your energy provider and subscribe to an offer more adapted to your needs. Nowadays, it is easy to choose the most advantageous provider within the 30 different providers on the energy market.

What are the steps for an EDF move?

When moving, you have to deal with administrative procedures for your energy contracts. However, you cannot move an energy contract like you can do for an internet contract for example.

In fact, each energy contract is linked to a specific meter and you cannot move the meter when moving out because it is linked to the building.  Therefore, if you want to move your contract, you have to terminate our current offer and subscribe to a new one and to connect the meter of your new housing.

It is the best time to study your bills and save money by choosing the cheapest energy provider?

How to save energy?

Comparing the price of gas and electricity kilowatts per hour

Since the liberalisation of the French energy market, you can choose freely your electricity and gas provider.  You indeed no longer have to choose the historical providers, EDF and Engie.

Nowadays, there are about thirty alternative energy providers sharing the market and the customers. Therefore, the historical providers had to adapt in order to be competitive.

Alternative energy providers are the only ones to propose market offers, generally indexed to the regulated rate decided by the State, unlike EDF and Engie. However, the historical providers generally propose market offers to stay competitive.

Therefore, given the number of energy offers, you can easily compare the subscription price and the price of gas or electricity kWh price to find the best offer.

Prices of classical offers on basical option for 6 kVA on the 1st of January, 2020



Since the liberalisation of the energy market, energy providers adapted themselves to new customer needs and propose various energy offers with more or less advantageous prices.


Adopt daily eco-friendly gestures

If you want to make long term energy savings, you have to control your energy consumption. Subscribing to an adapted offer is the first step but you can also adopt eco-friendly gestures to consume better.

  •                 Use more efficient and economical equipment such as low consumption bulbs, thermostats, etc.
  •                 Turn off the lights
  •                 Unplug unused electronic devices and avoid standby mode

You can find 40 effective tips to reduce your energy consumption on the Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Energie (Ademe) website. You can also invest into homo automation so you can control your energy consumtion on your smartphone or tablet.

If you want to consume eco-friendly electricity or gas, you can subscribe to a green offer with an energy provider. These offers guaranty carbon neutrality of French households and commit to re-inject energy from sustainable sources into the common grid. However, you can easily find totally eco-friendly providers that offer gas and electricity from renewable sources like wind or biomass.